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I'm  a freelance photographer and video editor, with a bit of added flair!

Who is your photographer?

I’ve tried many times to be professional,  dress up, use big words and san serif fonts, but I just can’t.   I drive a Nissan Cube with stickers all over it and the best one says, “I’d rather be skipping and blowing. bubbles.” 

That's me.  I’m your photographer. 

I'm quirky, sarcastic, an out-of-the-box do-er, creative and have been known to be really funny.  I make my clients smile and get comfortable by saying things people wouldn’t say in public and the best part is, it works.  It always works.

So, here’s the thing;  I will capture your moment and make it beautiful.  I will capture your emotions and make them meaningful.  I will freeze your memories so you can cherish a photo for a lifetime.  Just don’t forget to pass it on to the next generation so they may enjoy it, too.

If you’re investing in photos, why not have fun making them happen.  Call me. Text me. Email me. Yell at me.  Whatever you need to do to find me, do it and we’ll book an appointment.   Life is too short for any of us to be something we’re not.   I'll be the one wearing cargo jeans and a backward baseball hat.

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Your Stories

I am a Photojournalist and a Documentary Filmmaker. I have been a Filmmaker for 20 years (LA, CA)  but my passion has taken a new direction. I love being a Documentary Filmmaker and tell the stories of people and animals that would normally not be shared.  Perhaps, you will allow me to tell your story.  Contact me and we will sit down and have a nice, long chat, as you share your life with me. 

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